About Ericka Clay

Ericka ClayEricka Clay is a published author who has managed to trick really talented writers into reading, writing and drinking with her.  She’s kind of lucky that way.

Represented by super hero literary agent, Robyn Russell, Ericka is carving out her path to publication one blog post, tweet and Facebook update at a time.

She’s in the process of having her third novel, Unkept, published with Bannerwing Books while working on her latest project, White Smoke, a novel written from the perspectives of a small town Arkansas teenager who peddles meth and her deceased father who committed suicide nine years before.

She’s created Tipsy Lit so you can join her on this fun and bumpy ride and learn why writing words is right up there with the art of breathing.

Read Ericka’s Work

You can check out Ericka’s books here.  And if you love FREE stories (and who doesn’t??) be sure to check out Ericka’s writing on Wattpad.


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