#tipsytips: How to “Edit” Your Social Media Channels

In this video…

I chat about the social media channels I use, the ones…er…one I DON’T use and how to determine the best social media platforms for YOUR writing career.

The notes…


  • Ellocool version of FB / open-minded people / well behaved and are actual creative types that want to read your work – Be sure to check out @ellowrites led by Ksenia Anske.
  • Instagram – Just fun, and also a really great marketing tool. I like to share boo.k covers, pictures of me working, pictures of cats I find in the street…kidding.
  • PinterestI use it anyway, so might as well pin posts from my blog, pin books I want to read (goes hand in hand with a book review series I have on Tipsy Lit). Frustrating thing: I get blown up on there and people repin a lot of my pins except they’re never for my writing or posts. (girl in skirt – saved pins…this makes sense if you watch the video…sort of.)
  • Twitter – You just need Twitter. I Can’t think of any other social media tool that can reach such a wide audience through hashtags alone. There are a lot of readers and book reviewers on Twitter – great to connect and get your book out there. Check out this page for amazing hashtags geared toward writers and readers.
  • LinkedInConnecting with other professionals. Freelance gigs. Us writers have to eat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contacted by a fellow writer who needs help with editing or marketing, and I end up getting a job.

What’s missing on this list? FB

  • Over a 1,000 followers on the Tipsy Lit FB page but very low engagement. I’d post something and then someone would unfollow me. I have no friends. Kidding…kind of.
  • Personal profile = icky / divisive / became judgy / and I hate politics – politics everywhere – Also, cats. Meow.


  • Weigh your time. You’re not going to be able to hit every channel even with great applications like Hootsuite that help you do a million things at once. I would much rather spend a concentrated amount of time and effort on platforms I know will get my message across versus having an account with every platform that ever existed.
  • Think about who your audience is and where they hang out.
  • Research EVERY channel, even the ones you don’t think you’ll need (my experience with Periscope and Ello – didn’t think I needed them until I researched them.)
  • Find your niche. Find what you’re good out and BLOW. IT. UP. You’re not going to be great at every social media channel, so put “perfection” out of your mind. Instead, find what you enjoy and put your time and effort into that. I enjoy my blog and Periscope and Instagram the most so I’m trying to work these channels like a badass.


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*If you’re looking for another amazing Periscope series for writers, check out #writespeak by Ashley Kagaoan. She’s on Mondays at 9 AM PST!

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A Quick Update about Dear Hearts

As far as Dear Hearts goes, it will be available for pre-orders Wednesday, September 9, 2015 on Amazon. This book canvasses a lot of complex issues like parenting, mental illness, alcoholism, homosexuality, infidelity and marriage. But my hope is that it does so in a way that will remind you, Dear Reader, that love and understanding has never failed to heal a broken heart.

Here’s more about the book:

From the outside, Mitch and Elena Reynolds are a typical White Smoke family: married, raising a daughter, running a local business, attending church on Sundays. But their happy family image starts to crack when Mitch has an affair with local White Smoke resident, Aaron Hooper.

Mitch and Elena’s tumultuous relationship is further tested with failed attempts to get pregnant again, forced AA meetings to curb their alcoholism and bitter therapy appointments to try and “fix” their daughter, Wren. It’s not until both Mitch and Elena trust in their love for their daughter that they begin to rekindle the connection they first formed as kids. But is it too late?

From the author of Unkept, Dear Hearts is an exquisitely told tale of love, loss and human connection in the wake of darkness.


Prompted: The Serial Killer

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You become friends with the person you sit next to at church and inadvertently learn that he or she is a serial killer.


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